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With Compass Jobtome you have the opportunity to analyze your learning style and identify your predominant type of intelligence to figure out how to excel in your job.

What is Compass?
Compass is a free self-assessment tool developed according to the cognitive learning studies of Walter McKenzie and Howard Gardner.
How does Compass work?
Answer 40 questions in order to identify your major learning style. Our algorithm will show you your strengths and weaknesses.
Why Compass?
Are you more analytical or creative? Do you prefer listening to music or doing crossword puzzles? Find it out with Compass: It is simple,fast and free.

Howard Gardner and the Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner is an American psychologist and professor at Harvard University, considered one of the greatest exponents of cognitive psychology. Well-known in academic circles for having developed and described the theory of multiple intelligences in the book "Frames of Mind", published in 1983.

Be aware of your strengths and leverage on them. Get the most from your job.

Compass Jobtome gives you the chance to quickly analyze for free your learning style and to understand the type of intelligence that defines you the most. Identify your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Discover the jobs you could stand out in by leveraging on your strengths

According to the answers you have given during the test, our algorithm will provide you with the result of your prevalent learning styles, recommending potential jobs that best match with your skills.

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SecretaryBiologistSound engineer

Recommended jobs for LEARNING ANALYTICAL


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